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A-SPE Polska

A-SPE Polska was established as the fusion of 2 smaller companies active in the safety area of the marine and industrial branch from 1980. Therefore A-SPE has over 25 years of experience in the wide range of safety protection products. In 2005 A-SPE combined its power and presented a new image to the market.

Mareflex MF30  

Presentation: www.a-spe-polska.equip4ship.com

Address: Poland, ELBLAG, 82-300 Gdynska 39

Contact person: Managing Director Ireneusz Mianowski ,e-mail, website

Phone: +48552367736

Fax: +48552351152

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Hatch Cover Tapes
Mareflex MF-30 is composed of a mass which has the appropriate viscidity and is protected by polypropylene foil from one side and a release liner from the other.
Options: 20, 100 and 150mm wide.
Thickness :2 mm
Shelf life:16 months
Mareflex MF30

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